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Aphrodite Waterpark

May Day – Cyprus Tax Return Portal Open for Returns

ProACT Sam clarifies new Cyprus tax return obligations for tax residents.

Remote Working Tax & Social Insurance Obligations for Expats

ProACT Sam Orgill clarifies where expat tax and social insurance contributions are payable when working remotely.

Spice&Easy Cyprus

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Civil Defense Recommendations To The Public To Minimize The Negative Consequences Of Extremely High Temperatures

The Civil Defense Force makes the following recommendations to the public with the aim of prevention and proper preparation to minimize the risks and negative consequences of the heat

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A Very Happy New Year To Everyone From Kendall Events!

Kendall Events presents two amazing tribute acts for February 2024. The UK's most in demand tribute to Frank Sinatra by Stevie Kay and the UK's No.1 tribute to Gary Barlow by Davey Nicholls. Find more information, dates and venues here.

Jezebel’s What’s The Buzz! January 2024

I've just enjoyed playing the role of Cinderella for the second time at Stage One Theatre in Emba. Last time was 'The Uglies' Revenge'...

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