Paphos Classic Vehicle Club June 2024

lotus elan

They say you can buy almost anything on the famous internet auction site, eBay. You might even be able to buy a Classic British Sport car, such as a 1990 Lotus Elan. That is exactly what PCVC members Graham and Jacqui Hore did in August 2023, with a “super sniping” last minute bid. We are please they were successful as we now able to feature their beautiful Electric Blue Elan SE Turbo as our Classic of the Month for June.

Lotus first produced the Elan back in 1962, and you will probably remember the original Mark 1 as it was the favoured car of Emma Peel in the Avengers television series. The Elan went in and out of production over the next 30 years and through several different versions until this M100 edition appeared in the late 1980s. Most sport car fans consider this to be the ultimate Elan and it has been described as the best front wheel drive, 2 seater, sport car ever produced, by any manufacturer.

Graham and Jacqui`s Elan is powered by a 4 cylinder, 1588cc fuel injected, turbo powered, 16 valve, double overhead camshaft engine which produces 165 hp with a top speed of over 135mph. They drive the car as much as possible and can be seen most weekends enjoying open topped driving in the beautiful Cypriot countryside. The Elan has also become their car of choice for competing in the numerous Regularity Rallies that take place throughout the year in different parts of the Island.

You can see this Lotus Elan and other fabulous Classic Vehicles at any of our events and meetings, full details of which can be found on our Facebook page, or on our webpage:, or telephone, 97760997.

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