Cyprus Road Tax 2024 Renewal

Cyprus Road Tax 2024 can be paid from Thursday 4th January 2023. Reminders are not sent to vehicle owners to renew road tax, so don’t forget.

Cyprus Road Tax Renewal 2024.

Vehicle owners have the option to pay for three, six, nine, or twelve months Road Tax, enabling the cost to be spread across multiple payments

Road Tax can be paid at the Road Transport Department, Citizen Service Centres, the District Post Office, and online at

Last year the Road Transport Department clarified that the renewal of vehicle registration licenses through banks is only done online and not at their branch counters. 

The public is therefore advised not to proceed to banks to renew their vehicle licences. 

The last date for Cyprus Road Tax 2024 renewal without paying a fine is 10th March. Usually, after this date vehicle owners who have not renewed their road tax will be charged €10 and an additional 10 per cent of the amount due for the year.

To renew Road Tax the vehicle owner must have a valid MOT and Insurance. To pay online you will also need the log book and your id that was used when registering the vehicle i.e. id card or Passport.

If you do not intend to pay Road Tax for 2024 then you will need to submit a request to the Road Transport Department to immobilise the vehicle i.e. to show it as off the road.

If the vehicle has been disposed of then the owner must notify the Department of Transport in writing along with a Certificate of Disposal.

Vehicles for which their registration license for the year 2023 has not been renewed and have not been declared immobilized will be deleted from the TOM register if the amount due for the year 2023 is not paid and their registration license is renewed by March 2024.

The Department of Transport web based information system can be found on this link.

The department advise vehicle owners planning to pay online to make the payment in time so as not to risk the online system being overloaded on the deadline date.

The Road Transport Department office locations can be found on the Pals Directory on the following links:

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