Paphos Classic Vehicle Club February 2024

Last month we featured a daffodil yellow MG Midget. So, for February we have carried on the flowery theme and present a Lily as our Classic of the Month.

Morris 10/4

“Lily” is a Morris 10/4 that was recently imported by her current custodians, Paul and Joan Gannon, and, this month celebrates her 89th birthday.

The Morris 10/4 was a medium sized family car which was produced for only 2 years from 1933 to 1935 in their Cowley factory in Oxford , England, and retailed at the bargain price of £185. The steel panelled, four door, bodywork, was coachbuilt on an ash wood frame. Motive power came from a 4 cylinder 1292cc side valve petrol engine, and a 4 speed gearbox, with synchromesh on the top 2 gears.

The car was well equipped, having a leather and hardwood interior; hydraulic brakes on all four wheels; independent suspension; trafficators; and, even a windscreen wiper. Air conditioning was provided by the opening windscreen, side vents, and, the gaps in the floor boards! Apparently, when new, the engine produced 29.5 bhp and the car had a top speed of 65mph.(No longer recommended).

“Lily” was manufactured in February 1935 and is one of the first Morris cars to have the accelerator pedal on the right. Previously this was located between the clutch and brake pedals! She lived with her first owner for over 30 years and spent the whole of her life in the Southwest of the UK before coming to enjoy her retirement in the Cypriot sun. The car was subject to a full restoration in the 1970s and painted in her original livery of green and black. Further extensive mechanical work was completed 18 years ago and she is now being preserved in her existing condition so as to retain her present patina. If you see “Lily” proceeding sedately along the Paphos roads please smile and give her a wave, (top speed now limited to 35mph as the steering is a little imprecise). By the way, the car is named “Lily” in memory of Paul`s Grandmother, whose maiden name was Lily Morris.

“Lily” and other magnificent classic vehicles will be attending PCVC meetings and events throughout this year. For details check our Facebook page or our website, or telephone 97760997.

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