West Coast Runners Cyprus February 2024

February – the month for Lovers, so they say, so how about falling in love with running?

West Coast Runners are a small friendly club that always gives a warm welcome to anyone wanting to start running, return to running or just wanting to meet up with like-minded people and maybe enter a race or two. Whatever your target is there will always be someone to run with you to help you fall in love with running. So, what have you got to lose? Why don’t you take that first step and join us at one of our weekly runs, our schedule is updated monthly and can be found on our Facebook page or contact Christine on 97757159 or Gerry on 99926291 for more information. We look forward to meeting you.

One of our newer members, Julia Zhu Li, has written this encouraging article on her journey, hope you enjoy reading it.

Clear your mind and make your being sparkle.

To paraphrase a Chinese proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. I started my first step only a few months ago and running has now become one of the most assured and consistent parts of my life. Running is the sport that requires the least up front expense, needs no specialist ground, just a good pair of running shoes that fit the feet (not too sloppy – to avoid sores), cotton socks and some comfortable clothing – which air can travel through, but offers some protection from the sun and maybe light drizzle.

What I find is that it is very important to eat the right things, both before and after running. I still remember when I started to run, I drank a bottle of fizzy drink before running – that was a huge & embarrassing mistake, I suffered serious stomach discomfort. So having fizzy drinks before running is a big NO NO for me. It is nevertheless essential to be well-hydrated before running, I now have only plain water, but not too much where I will be going to need the bathroom midway through my route. No doubt, which is another lesson for me. After a run, I usually have some yogurt, fruit, and meals that are high in protein to help my body recover well. And, of course, rest matters – but taken gradually to stop muscles tightening up too quickly.

Running offers numerous health benefits, but beginners must know their limits and always remember, do not overdo it at first. Try interval training – with short initial distances of – say 0.5 km. Then after being able to run this without losing breath start piecing the bits together – one km, then 2 km – follow a sensible running plan and accomplish the impossible step by step. The key to improving running performance is limbering up first, consistent practice and finding the ultimate limits.

Kallepia 6km race

The village of Kallepia is in the district of Paphos and on the 23rd December 2023 two races were held, 6Km and 1Km, for children. The 6K race starts from the village square and this year two of our West Coast Runners, namely Ruth and Di took part, it was actually Ruth’s Secret Santa present to Di! It is a two lapped course of 3Km each lap, quite hilly in places, over a mixed terrain with some nice scenery. Water was available at the turn round point at 3Km. Medals were presented to all finishers, and being a village race, you can always feel the warm village atmosphere and be part of it.

Club Handicap 2024

The 2024 club handicap kicked off in January with our 5km time trial. This was to get everyone’s starting point for the year’s handicap. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top this year and everyone is looking forward to this challenge. Watch the space for regular updates.

West Coast Walkers

Don’t forget we also have our walking group that meets every Monday morning. The walking group is increasingly popular and is open to anyone who enjoys walking, meeting like-minded individuals, experiencing walking along the coast and exploring in and around the Paphos area. We welcome all walkers whatever your ability, young and the not so young! There is something for everyone to enjoy. Please see the West Coast Walkers Facebook page for meeting points and start time.

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