Clarifications on the measures in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the Republic of Cyprus

Clarifications From The Ministry Of Health


Following the World Health Organization’s decision that COVID-19 is no longer an emergency of international concern for public health, the Ministry of Health answers the most frequently asked questions of citizens, based on the new instructions and related decrees: 

Is wearing a mask mandatory?

The obligation to wear a mask has been removed from all areas except for visits to areas where there are vulnerable people. In particular, workers and visitors over the age of 12 in hospitals, nursing homes and other care and accommodation structures for elderly and vulnerable groups must use a mask.

Has the mask been abolished in public transport and in the meeting places?

The obligation to wear a mask on public transport and in public places has been abolished. Despite this and given that the virus continues to circulate in our community, it is recommended to use a mask mainly in closed spaces or in crowded conditions, especially by people with symptoms of the upper and lower respiratory system such as runny nose, cough, fever, etc.

In which cases is a PCR or rapid test necessary ?

Demonstration of a negative 72-hour PCR or rapid test is only necessary for persons aged 12 and over for:

– visits to hospitals, nursing homes and other closed structures for the care and accommodation of elderly and vulnerable groups

– asylum seekers before their entry into reception or detention centres

– new inmates in detention centers and prisons

How long does the PCR or Rapid Test have to be to be considered valid?

It must have been carried out within 72 hours of the visit to a place for which there is an obligation to show a certificate.

What are the maximum test values ​​in PCR and Rapid Test ?

The maximum price of the PCR test is set at 25 euros, while the Rapid Test at 5 euros.

Is it allowed to visit a nursing home or nursing home by showing a test performed at a pharmacy?

The result is considered valid if it was done in a licensed clinical laboratory, pharmacy or mobile unit of the Ministry of Health and you have received a relevant message on your mobile phone with the result.

Should I remain in self-restriction if I am diagnosed with covid ?

Mandatory self-isolation in the Republic of Cyprus for cases diagnosed positive for the disease COVID-19 is abolished. 

However, it is recommended that people who are sick with covid-19 remain in self-restriction according to the instructions of their Personal Physician for at least 5 days from the diagnosis and to use a mask for at least 10 days if they are in contact with other people. Because the virus can cause serious complications in some people, avoid coming into contact with people who are at increased risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19. 

Is commuting to work mandatory for people with covid -19?

It depends on the nature of the work and the clinical picture of each case. If possible, choose to work from home / telecommute. When telecommuting is not possible, consult with the employer about options that can be implemented to avoid contact with other people. In any case, it is recommended to use a mask that fits comfortably on the face and has more than 1 layer (double disposable medical mask, high protection masks FFP2, N95).

 In how many days is the sick leave for patients with covid -19 determined?

It depends on your clinical picture and medical history. It is best to consult your personal physician, who will assess the situation and grant you sick leave as deemed necessary.

If I don’t have a Personal Doctor, where do I get sick leave?

By your attending physician after a relevant medical assessment.

If I need hospitalization for COVID -19 can I be hospitalized in any hospital or do I have to transfer to a state hospital?

According to the decree published on 5/5/2023, the treatment of COVID-19 cases can be done in all licensed private and state hospitals. ( )

I am a contact of a positive case, should I get tested or stay in self-isolation?

Close contacts are not required to self-restraint. Nevertheless, it is recommended for all contacts to carry out sampling at their own expense on the day of their notification and between the 3rd and 5th day from the date of their last contact with the case and avoid contact with vulnerable people especially if they show any symptoms. In case of symptoms, contact their Personal Physician and repeat the examination.  

If my child or someone in my care is diagnosed with covid -19 am I entitled to a special leave to care for them?

No. The special permit for public health reasons has been abolished. Each caregiver must make the necessary arrangements as in any other case of respiratory infection.

When can I issue a European recovery certificate ( EUDCC recovery )?  

The issuance of the European Digital Certificate of Recovery, in case it needs to be issued for reasons of travel or other use, takes place 7 days after the positive result through the portal ( )

If I was diagnosed with covid -19 before 5/5/2023 is the mandatory self-restriction for 7 days valid?

No. Mandatory self-restriction was abolished with the issuance of the relevant directives on 5/5/2023. For cases diagnosed before 5/5/2023, the new guidelines of the Ministry of Health apply ( ).

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