Green Monday In Cyprus

Green Monday

Green Monday, also known as ‘Clean Monday’ (Kathara Deftera in Greek) or ‘Ash Monday,’ falls on the sixth Monday before Palm Sunday.  Green Monday is the first day of Lent for Greek Orthodox Christians and is the start of a 40-day fasting period during which eating meat, eggs and dairy products forbidden, with fish being eaten only on significant feast days.

Traditionally, it is considered to mark the beginning of the spring season.

In Cyprus Green Monday is a public holiday and is a day of outdoor excursions and fun.  Traditionally people take to the fields, beaches and mountains for outdoor activities and picnics. In particular Green Monday is a day for flying Kites, and all across Cyprus you will see the sky filled with them. The custom of flying kites symbolizes trying to reach the divine.

Foods eaten on Green Monday include Lagana, a special kind of azyme bread baked only on that day, vegetable and fruit dishes, octopus and shellfish.

Green Monday here in Cyprus will be a day of festivities, celebrated with music and food. Many municipalities will organize public events with dancing, singing and even traditional games. Be sure to check out your Local Municipality to see what events are on.

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