Thinking of Selling Your Property?

Selling your property in Cyprus is not just about advertising and marketing your property. Demosthenous Properties (DemPro) will assist you from start to finish, helping you understand the entire selling process, such as legalities and taxes, appraisal, preparation, valuations, marketing and promotions, selling distribution channels, property inspections, offer and negotiations, settlements, and follow-ups. Demosthenous Properties administer the entire selling process with upmost care and personalised service.

Firstly, it is important to point out that when selling property in Cyprus there are certain regulations and legislation that must be followed, protecting both buyer and seller. DemPro will go through all these legalities with you and help you understand exactly what’s involved when selling real estate.

We will have a detailed discussion so we can clearly understand your exact requirements and of course your specific property, i.e. its key features and benefits. This way, when conducting the initial inspection the agent already has a detailed background. Feel free to be very open and direct, because sometimes even the little things make a world of different. As the property owner, you should know the property inside-out, and know exactly what a buyer might be most interested in knowing. Upon visiting the property, our representative may also find some extra detail about the property that are well worth highlighting in selling and marketing material.

The property itself should already be well prepared even during the initial inspection and appraisal with the real estate agent. Of course we will also make recommendations after the viewing, but starting off on a good note will do absolutely no harm. Ask DemPro what you might be able to do to increase the appeal and value of the property. Depending on your budget, we may be able to suggest something as simple as a coat of paint or minor repairs to more in-depth work which may increase the saleability and value of your property. Remember, the more appealing the initial impression of your property, the more likely you are to attract the right buyers – the right product sells.

A little about us

DemPro Real Estate Agency belongs to the young generation of Real Estates Agencies in Paphos. As a member of various associations of estates agents and property evaluators in Cyprus, we are ready to share our knowledge and professionalism with our valued clientele.

Our agency concentrates its activity mainly in Paphos District, in order to assist more efficiently and ensure quality and personalized service and to be, as we like to say, ”Thinking Global, Acting Local.”

Our team is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of property ownership, registration procedures, and the legal background, as well on property investment parameters related to the yielding opportunities.

Always looking to broaden our views, our company has made a point of establishing and retains good connections with other local professionals in the property environment, such as legal and economic advisers, architects, engineers, and contractors, where all share the same views and consideration for the quality of the services they offer.

We prefer to be property advisors and assistants to our clients instead of a simple real estate agency. We like to define our clients’ needs and ensure the best lifestyle for them in the beautiful city of Paphos. Our mission is to solve the puzzle and guide them to the ideal home.

When undertaking a property for sale/rent/evaluation, we examine its marketability in order to understand the most efficient potential that can have in the open market without wasting our time. Our knowledge and experience are enriched with information were provided to us as Qualified Property Valuers.

We work hard and honestly, achieve our professional commitments, are passionate in our vision and positive and pleasant in all our contacts.

If you are thinking of selling your property, contact us today.

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Tel: +357 26 222 424 – Mob: +357 99 494 090

Chlorakas Avenue – Shop No.03, 8220 Paphos, Cyprus

Registered & Licensed Real Estate Agents Reg. No. 847, Lic. No. 414/E. Property Valuer Reg. No. A172833.

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