The Life of Lucy Dog

For reasons sometimes beyond understanding, dogs get abandoned in shelters, in the streets, anywhere and everywhere. Wondering why that happens makes people think of all the things that are wrong in the world, an overwhelming feeling that sometimes pushes them to do their bit to help animals in need. If they can’t take them home, at least they can offer them company, walk them etc.

One of those dogs who got abandoned, one of the many, is Lucy. Coming from a home where she was once loved and cared for, she all of a sudden found herself in the ARC shelter, surrounded by dogs of all sizes and ages just like her. Lucy’s owner could not keep her anymore and as such, surrendered her to the shelter when she was nearly 10 years old. Abandoned in her old age… Once in the shelter, Lucy never did very well; she was sad for not being with her family whom she very much loved and she was overwhelmed by always being surrounded by other dogs. So she gave up, and she lived her days quietly waiting for something to happen, all while keeping busy with getting bigger and bigger. Depression is what this is called in humans, and since research has shown it, in dogs too. Days went by where people would visit the shelter interested in adopting a dog that never turned out to be Lucy. And bigger and sadder she got.

Then, one day, as if by miracle, the good news came: someone had seen Lucy, fallen in love with her at her over 10 years old and decided to open their heart and home to this battered dog. Lucy was finally the chosen one! She was getting a new lease of life, this time in a home with people who loved her and cared for her. And so, once well and truly settled, she was coming out of her shell again, losing the weight and being happy. This was the power of love!

Now, years later, what a pleasure to get Lucy’s update and see that she’s doing so well, albeit a bit slower as time doesn’t leave anyone behind. At 16 years old, Lucy is doing absolutely amazing, she is very much loved by everyone and life in the Cotswolds is really perfect for her.

Such happy news really makes all our work and efforts worthwhile…

Our work relies solely on donations received from the kind members of the public. Sustainability is key in animal welfare and none of the programs carried out by Animal Rescue Cyprus could be continued without public help. You can support our work by donating via our website or via PayPal (please choose Friends & Family) using email address [email protected]. For any information regarding our work please telephone 26946461.

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