So… Summer Has Arrived!

Dave Asher

Lucky I’m here to point that out, but you may have noticed something this year that perhaps hasn’t happened before here in Cyprus; we’ve grown accustomed to the cold!! My first trip to the beach this year- I generally leave it until I know it’s not going to rain, but all around me sunseekers were trying to avoid the sun. “Oh, you’ve had enough sun now…, it must be time to leave now…, I think I’ve got prickly heat…, you’ll burn your head…, I can’t move, I’ve burnt my feet!”

Don’t worry though, we’ll soon be cooling down again for another 7-month winter! Meanwhile keep your hat on and keep hydrated!

Egos are curious things! I remember when I was 18 having a huge ego and a belief that I knew absolutely everything, several years later I find that I know very little and my ego is the size of a processed pea. Egos are dangerous though, and make us do things to increase their size so we’ll be even more powerful or even omnipotent! Egos according to experts come in 3 sizes; slim, toned and overweight! The “overweight” egos are more than likely those that control the world and those that would like to! Think of your favorite politician and generally they’ll be portly of ego! Or perhaps your boss or the ex-secret agent we met at the bar last night!

Perhaps Mother Nature is giving us a reality check or a wake-up call with scorching temperatures, regular earthquakes, a global pandemic and a potential 3rd World War! Perhaps the meek should inherit the earth after all!

And finally…here’s some good news!!

I’m very happy to be travelling to Italy in September to present at an Awards Ceremony in Rome. The NORNS Awards recognize greatness across the world whether by individuals or the corporate sector…and there are plenty of great achievements to celebrate. They do know I don’t speak Italian …don’t they? Ciao Bella…Bello…Bueno Fortuna!

Dave Asher, Viva FM

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