Could You give A Home To Torro?

Hey Folks

We have the pleasure of introducing one of our long term residents who is ready to ‘Share the Love’.

Clever, Charismatic, Loyal, Handsome and an Adorable, Lovable Teddy Bear are just some of Torro’s good points.

He came to the shelter as a boisterous, bored two-year-old, desperate for attention and very hungry for food and love. Very clean and tidy in his kennel, he is now 4 years old and we are so proud of him – all he needed was TLC.

He now loves getting his harness on to stroll, jog or run.

Torro would be a Cool Companion for the right person or persons (he loves everybody!).

Shelter life has been good to him but he’s ready to try things on a bigger scale and experience  ‘home life’, especially cuddling up in the evenings – that’s not much to ask is it?

Torro tries to catch the attention of everyone that visits his pen and tell them how great he is, he just hasn’t found that special person(s) yet!

View the video of Torro On Facebook: Click here

If you think you might be the person(s) that TORRO is looking for then please;

  •  Send PAWS a private FB message with your email address
  •  email: [email protected]
  • or come to the shelter to see him

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