Another Year Is Coming To The End

How time has gone by for another year for our animals, for our people, for us all…

When we think of all the animals coming in through the doors at Animal Rescue Cyprus over the course of these 12 months we must think of the team serving them day after day. But we must unmistakably think of everyone who makes all our work possible, you, the public.

With your donations you are helping us source food for our horses, donkeys and goats, medication and medical equipment for all the animals, you are supporting our long-time on-going programs such as the educational and the TNR ones. In very short, you are keeping us alive.

At the end of 2023, we have to thank all our sponsors, donors and supporters, every single person and business who has, over the year, provided us with funds and/or donations of any kind.

Big thanks to SBA Holland for their tremendous support over twenty years, to Alfa Mega and Papantoniou Supermarkets for their donations of food, to them and Pop Life stores for allowing us to keep our food donation banks where members of the public can drop wet and dry food, bags of rice and pasta.

Finally, very special and huge thanks to Gem’s Pet and Animal Feed Store and to the GL Show YouTube channel for their very, very generous donations, to all the businesses and companies who have supported our work for another year. To our members of the public, thank you for being and keeping near us in 2023.

Best wishes to everyone for the new year from us all, humans and animals. May you keep
strong and well.

Special thanks to PALS Magazine for their amazing support and help.

For information on our programs and services please call 26946461 any day of the week between 7am and 7pm. For emergencies ONLY please call 99655581. To sponsor a shelter animal, please email [email protected]. For export/import enquiries please email [email protected].

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