Alone Or Together – The World AC (After Covid)

I was talking with a friend about how things seem to have changed over the last three or four years and she reminded me that this period is AC – After Covid. Putting aside the uncomfortable fact that anyone going to a hospital is going to be forcibly reminded that we are not really done with Covid, it is undeniable that many things have changed. Since Covid appeared. And one of these is the approach to group activities – indeed many interactions with other people.

Take a little test. Answer just yes or no.

  • Do you sometimes avoid large groups because you are worried about infections?
  • Have you worn a mask on a plane because you are so close to other people?
  • Have you restricted your interaction with groups of people because they might have Covid?
  • Do you think people who wear masks are just being sensible?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these you are suffering from post- Covid anxiety. If you answered ‘no’ to all maybe you are being a bit cavalier with your health and should be more careful. Can’t win, can we?

But one undeniable result of Covid and the bans on associating with others has been a decline in membership of Service organisations – and that includes Rotary Clubs. Add to that the proliferation of ways to talk with and see others without being actually close to them and we see that the world is a different place from how it was only a few years ago.

But does it matter? If we are happy talking on our phones and don’t even consider joining a group does it matter? I think it does.

Organisations like Rotary (and community choirs – shout out to Paphos Zingers) raise considerable funds for charitable groups, enabling their valuable work, but also help people to make new friends and avoid isolation.

There may be a perception of groups like Rotary as being stuffy and exclusive but nothing could be further from the truth. We are friendly and welcoming – and you are likely to make friends for life.

So give us a try – just contact me through the email address below. Don’t be alone – as a song says – it’s better together. Look forward to meeting you.

Ian Graves
[email protected]

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