Statement by the President of the Republic on the catastrophic fires

The President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiades, addressed a call as we are all vigilant to those who unconsciously, either intentionally or negligently cause fires, who characterized the huge fires in the provinces of Limassol and Larnaca as unprecedented. an area of ​​more than 55 square kilometers was destroyed.

Speaking to reporters at the Management Center in Vavatsinia, where he had earlier attended a meeting with the authorities on the issue of extinguishing the catastrophic fire in the mountainous areas of Limassol and Larnaca, the President of the Republic said that “we are really talking about a which was unprecedented, except during the period of invasion in 1974. I have been at the Coordination Center since yesterday afternoon, today I am here and I had a full briefing from the relevant Ministers, the heads of the relevant Departments, the , Interior, Justice, which were coordinated by the relevant Departments, as well as by the Chief of the Fire Brigade, the Director of the Forest Department, the Chief of the National Guard, the Chief of Police and the Civil Defense.

In general, it is one of the most devastating (fires) and, unfortunately, with human casualties. The Services reacted immediately, exerting all their forces in order to avoid the loss of human lives. Unfortunately, they did not escape with the incident that has been recorded.  

For the rest, the Logging Services, the community leaders have already made a first assessment, the logging crews are ready and as soon as the communities are considered safe then the recording of the damage to both residential units and business units or factories will start immediately. damaged.

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the way in which the competent Services, the community leaders, the community leaders, the people in general reacted, to thank the Department of Forests, the Fire Brigade, the Civil Defense, the volunteers, the wider world, for immediate interest in reducing one of the most destructive fires possible. Suffice it to say that the disaster exceeds 55 square kilometers.

Therefore, you realize – and this is an appeal – how careful everyone should be.

The temperature, the winds that blow are the biggest dangers for us to have similar catastrophes, especially when the human factor is involved “.

Asked about the assistance of other countries in extinguishing the fires, the President of the Republic said that already, the first of the two (aircraft from Greece) is in Cyprus, one has been damaged. However, a new second is being supplied in Rhodes. Around noon we expect the arrival of Israeli aircraft and in general we try in every way to see how it is achieved (extinguishing).  

The whole situation is under partial control. What worries us is the possible increase of the winds at noon. The focus of our Forests and Fire Department is on a key point that is currently under control, ie the area is limited. Measures have been taken so that there is a slowdown zone, in all communities there are units of the Fire Brigade and not only. There are aircraft that monitor to identify outbreaks that may flare up. Therefore, we do what is humanly possible.

The message I want to send to those of the people who have lived through these tragic moments, and who have lost property, is that the Government will be of immediate help. At the same time, we will be supportive of the families of the victims. “

Asked if he would visit the affected areas, President Anastasiadis said that “immediately, now, I will visit Ora, Akapnou, Eptagonia and Arakapas. And, of course, as soon as it is considered that the fires have been extinguished, the competent Ministers will tour, in addition to the logging teams, to have direct contact with all the communities, to send the message of courage that we will not leave any alone, abandoned to his fate or to the destruction caused by the great fire “.  

In a journalist remark that society demands exemplary punishments for those who set fires, the President of the Republic said that “of course in order for exemplary punishments to exist, there must be evidence. I am glad because there are citizens with sensitivities who complain and, already, the first arrests have been made.

“What I am calling for is for all of us to be vigilant about those who, unconsciously or intentionally or negligently, can cause such catastrophes.”


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