The Lysos & District First Responders

Lysos & District First Responders
Justen Karlsson, Founder of the Lysos & District First Responders

For many residents of our rural villages one of the biggest worries is what happens if there is a medical emergency? The village of Lysos is no exception, here it can take up to 25 minutes for an ambulance to reach a sick or injured person.

For local resident Justen Karlsson this presented a challenge for which he has put in place a novel solution. Having been involved in First Aid for over 45 years, including as a member of an underground rescue team for 7 years, Justen set about the creation of the Lysos & District First Responders.

The First Responders are a non profit organisation whose aim is to provide aid to sick, injured and people that suffer heart attacks and strokes, before an ambulance or doctor can arrive. They can get to a victim in their 5km radius in 5 to 10mins thus aiding life saving First Aid.

The team are trained First Aiders and not medical professionals, however they do carry equipment to treat Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest victims. When in attendance one of the team will stay with the sick or injured person to give aid until a Medical Doctor or an Ambulance arrives to take over. The service is free, the aim of the First Responders is to serve their Community during a persons need.

Since the 5th of January the First Responders have been fully operational and able to assist at your time of need while waiting for a doctor or medical professional to attend. They are fully equipped to offer you first aid and care if you live within 6 km of Lysos. The team have a handy App on their phone which identifies where you are phoning from so they can find where you are quicker and start administering first aid care if required. They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for accidents and emergency illness’s. The team carry an AED Defibrillator for those suffering a cardiac arrest, warm blankets and a 250 piece first aid kit and scoop stretcher.

Justen Karlsson, Founder of the Lysos & District First Resoponders HQThe First Responders have been given use the old doctors surgery building by our Mucktar and the Community Council, for their headquarters and will be open between 12.30pm and 2.00pm Monday to Friday, for those seeking advice or help.

Every month the First Responders will be offering blood pressure tests, pulse rates and blood sugar tests and for their community. If any of these tests are abnormal they will advise you to take the results to your family doctor for future treatment. Everyone is welcome to visit and see what they do, and what they will be offering in the future to aid the community.

The service provided by the First Responders is free to the community and is funded through fundraising events that help pay for the necessary equipment needed by the team.

The next event hopes to raise much needed funds for Signage on the Office/Headquarters of the Lysos and District First Responders, to decorate the 3 main rooms of the Headquarters and to purchase inflatable Splints for victims with broken Limbs. The responders also need 2 x Pure Oxygen Cylinders with regulators to ensure the best of care to the community.

The next event to get you dancing in the aisles will be held on 7th March at Paradisos Hills Hotel featuring Ben Mills and Andi Hobbs as the Blues Brothers.

Lysos & District First Responders Emergency Telephone Number 99062223

To keep updated with the Lysos & District First Responders join their facebook group here

The Lysos & District First Responders

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