Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings & Committee Member Meetings, By G. Kouzalis Llc Property Experts.

Our Cyprus property expert team identified that there appears to be some confusion regarding committee meetings so we want to clarify the  types of meetings which a committee can or should have.


These are meetings which only the committee members need to participate in. These should be made at least 3-4 times per year and the committee should use these meetings in order to discuss issues at the complex and make plans to take the appropriate remedial action. Owners do not need to attend but if there is a decision made regarding actions to be done at the complex, the committee should inform the owners.


These meetings are held annually (within 14 months of the date of the last AGM) and all owners are to be invited to attend.

The meetings should be quorate (have 51% of owners in attendance either with PROXY or PHYSICAL ATTENDANCE – Legal requirement by the Cyprus laws).

At these meetings the standard topics are as follows:

  • Election of committee
  • Approval of minutes from previous AGM, and or any EGM
  • Presentation and explanation of accounts


Extraordinary general meetings are convened when there is a time sensitive matter which needs dealing with and / or a matter which needs discussing between all owners that cannot wait until the AGM. Again in order for the EGM to take place the meeting must be quorate.   EGM can be called if 25% of the owners require so.

Cyprus law requires Minutes from both AGMS / EGMS should be distributed to all owners in a timely manner.

If you need assistance in organizing your AGM / EGM or for any other matter relating to committees, please do not hesitate to contact G. Kouzalis LLC legal team, your property Experts on Committees.


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