Paphos Zingers

Google Zingers and you will find a number of restaurants (the Fried Chicken Zingers in Daventry sounds particularly good – 5 stars!). Look a little further and you will see that ‘a zinger’ seems to have a number of meanings – an insulting quip, an event that leaves someone dazed or an outstanding, energetic and surprising thing. Look up Paphos Zingers and you will find us – with a nice photo to boot. Having now myself been a Zinger for 4 months I can assure you that you will not hear insulting quips and we are unlikely to leave you dazed but hopefully we are outstanding, energetic and maybe surprising from time to time.


If you don’t know, Paphos Zingers is a rock choir with over 30 members. We perform a number of times throughout the year in restaurants (though not in Daventry) raising money for the Cancer Patients Support Group and very successful we are at it. We have raised €100,000 over the last 12 years. But as a new Zinger I can tell you that, fun though the performing may be, it is not the only or even the best part of being a member of the group. You are going to have to take my word for this as it may sound a bit cheesy but joining this choir is like making 30 new friends all at once. I have never come across such a friendly and supportive group of people as the Zingers – and they can sing.

Our repertoire which is ever expanding ranges from rock, through Tamla Motown to some songs from the shows. Our maestro, conductor and leader, Tim Rice, prepares the songs, allocating parts to different voices. Then at our weekly rehearsals we are drilled in them until we are as near perfect as we can get. How good are we? We haven’t been awarded a multi-million euro contract yet but we have a loyal following who ensure that our performances are nearly always sold out. I am sure they are all anxious to give to charity but we can’t be that bad, can we?

So I have found great enjoyment and friendship through the Zingers and so could you (though those who are entirely tone deaf need not apply!). If you are interested please contact Karen at [email protected] and you can arrange to come along and see what you think. Or you could come to one of our concerts – the next is on July 19th at Vatouthkia, near Tala.

In the meanwhile we will continue to be outstanding, energetic and surprising.

STOP PRESS: Our last concert at Olivio in Anarita raised over €1200 for CPSG

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