Well… These Are Indeed Emotional Times We Live In

Dave Asher

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has accentuated the underlying distress many feel, and have felt, over the past 2 years since the arrival of the Coronavirus. Added to the ongoing seemingly never-ending war In Ukraine and the ever-increasing cost of living as a result, it’s no wonder many millions of people are feeling emotionally frazzled!

It’s at times like these we look for small personal victories to dull the pain! We all have them and sometimes perhaps don’t appreciate them as much as we should. A learned friend of mine, who is a lecturer in Crisis Management at a Middle-eastern University, who believe it or not I’ve spoken to quite regularly, advocates a system of “boxing” situations.

On with the boxing gloves then… Luckily, no gloves are needed as the boxes are square ones and only exist in our minds. I’m told the way forward is to imagine a series of boxes into which we put the issues we face. For example, one will contain our work life, another one for our relationships, another for our deepest feelings and darkest thoughts and another for fun…a little like a toy box! The secret is not to open all the boxes at the same time… I’m not sure what happens if you do, however this is definitely not recommended! Try it out and see if it works for you!

On a brighter note, I’ve just returned from a trip to Rome! Who would have thought after moving around the globe regularly for several decades that I would fall completely in love with a place I’ve never given a second thought! Everything is there in abundance, fashion, fine food, fine wine, friendly people and an abundance of culture of course! The only thing they appear to be missing is an English language radio station! I’ve just had a great idea …

Whilst on the subject of radio…
Viva FM is 2 years old! Who knows how 2 years passed so quickly! Despite various sabotage attempts from “individuals and fractious factions various”, I’m very proud of team Viva and everything we’ve achieved in such a short space of time and to our listeners and advertisers a huge thank you! More news coming soon on our continued expansion! Meantime, find us at vivafm.fm or 104.3 FM in Paphos… Alexa and smart stuff just ask for Viva FM Cyprus!

Sending love and peace to you all. Dave Asher – Viva FM

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