Is Your Financial Planning Up To Date For 2024 And Living In Cyprus?

Regular financial planning reviews help keep your financial affairs up to date and compliant. It is important to keep ahead of any developments in Cyprus or the UK that may affect you for better or worse. Tax rules and financial regulations such as pensions and inheritance can change at any time, which may affect the tax efficiency and security of your existing arrangements. There may also be new opportunities that you could find beneficial.

This is why Blevins Franks Wealth Management holds seminars each spring. We summarise what has been going on in the financial world over the last year or so, highlight key issues British expatriates living in Cyprus need to be aware of and plan for, and share our insights into effective tax and financial planning in Cyprus. They are free of charge, and anyone is welcome to attend.

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Blevins Franks specialises in providing integrated, cross-border financial planning covering residence, taxation, inheritance, UK pensions and investing. Established almost 50 years ago, the firm has decades of experience advising UK nationals moving to and living in Europe, with over 20 offices across the UK, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco and Malta.

We have had an office in Paphos since 2002. Our local Partner, Nick Cairns, has over 30 years of experience in the financial services sector, the last 12 with Blevins Franks here in Cyprus. Besides his in-depth knowledge of the Cyprus tax regime and how to benefit from it, he is also personally familiar with all aspects of setting up home here and the financial issues facing expatriates in Cyprus.

Nick is supported by our Private Client Manager, Lou Cunningham, who has been looking after our local clients since 2007. Behind our local advisory service lies a substantial company with close to 300 staff working hard for our clients. Our specialist tax, pension and investment teams keep up to date with changes to taxation, estate planning, regulations and investment markets. Our size, scale and decades of experience puts us in a unique position to advise expatriates in Cyprus.

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