Hospices Reconfirm Cooperation

The Friends’ Hospice Paphos and Arodaphnousa Palliative Care Centre in Nicosia have confirmed their continuing cooperation in the fields of medical and administrative advice.

Following a meeting in the capital between Chris Jones, President of The Friends’ Hospice Foundation, and Maria Ioannidou, Chief Executive Officer of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, it was agreed the exchange of information and expertise would be ongoing between the two charitable organisations.

Dr Aristos Georghiou, Clinical Director of the Paphos hospice, continues to work closely with Dr Sophia Nestoros, his counterpart at Arodaphnousa.

The cooperation arrangement was confirmed at a visit to the recently rebuilt Nicosia palliative care centre by Chris Jones together with Friends’ Hospice trustee, Grace Cullen. They were joined by Project Manager Demitris Polycarpou and Architect Yiannis Kotsoulambros who are involved in the transformation of a large house in Tala to what will be the new six-bed Friends’ Hospice centre.

Speaking about his visit to Arodaphnousa, Jones said: “A tour of the building was an uplifting experience. Although the 24-bed facility is vast when compared with our more focused unit in Tala, the core values and philosophies are identical.
It was good to reaffirm our joint belief that respect, dignity and freedom from pain should be offered without charge to those who need it, while giving psychological and emotional support to their families.”

He added: ”As we move into the final stages of our journey to open our new hospice in Tala, it is wonderful to have experienced and caring friends at our side.”

It is hoped to have all work at Waugh House in Tala completed this summer.

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