The Veterans’ Alliance

The Veterans’ Alliance (Paphos, Cyprus) is a group of Veterans & Retirees predominantly from the UK’s Armed Forces and Public Services (Blue Light etc) but those from the allied nations are also welcome. Non-Veterans (for example, widows / close relatives of a deceased veteran) may also be accepted.

The group holds a regular rendezvous where people from a similar background can meet, vent off, share experiences and exchange banter, in a safe and familiar environment. But there is a more serious aspect to the group as they also aim to help those in need of any welfare assistance by way of signposting through many of the channels available on the island. The organiser (Dave ‘Stitch’ Taylor) is well networked with many organisations in Cyprus and UK.

The group normally meets on the first Saturday of each month at ‘The Veteran’s Bar’ in Peyia (aka Paliomonastiro). It has no subscriptions fees and makes no profit. However, it does hold regular events to help raise funds for other charity organisations that support those who are in need from similar backgrounds. The group does not allow prejudice or different treatment of any member due to race, creed, sex, age or physical ability. Bullying/harassment is not tolerated. Anyone suspected as improperly impersonating a Veteran / Retiree may be asked to provide tangible evidence of their background.

Anybody who thinks they might be interested in The Veterans’ Alliance should contact the group on Facebook or call The Veterans’ Bar on 99 463 227 or email:

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