Driving LicenceUK Photocard Driving Licences are valid for 10 years from the date of issue. If your photocard is due to expire then you will need to renew it. If you now live in Cyprus and have have a Yellow Slip you will need to exchange your UK Driving Licence for a Cyprus Driving Licence.

With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit many Cyprus Resident UK Driving Licence holders are opting to change their licence to a Cyprus Driving Licence prior to 31st January 2020. This is to avoid the scenario whereby with a No Deal Brexit, UK Driving Licence Holders would potentially require an International Driving Permit to be able to drive in Europe and Cyprus.

Exchanging your UK Driving Licence for a Cyprus Driving Licence is actually a straightforward task and is carried out at The Department of Transport.

You will need to take the following Documents:
  • UK Licence
  • Passport (with photocopy of the Photo / Details Page)
  • Yellow Slip (and Photocopy)
  • Utility Bill (if Yellow Slip issued less than 6 months ago)

The Department of Transport will take your photograph for the Cyprus Driving Licence.

Once the paperwork is completed the Department of Transport will issue you with a temporary  Paper Licence. You will receive a text message (In Greek) when your Plastic Photocard Driving Licence has been issued and is ready to collect.

If you are over 70 you will also need to have a Medical Certificate and one for your eyesight, theses forms can be collected from the Department of Transport.

If your UK Driving Licence has expired then the Department of Transport will need to send it back to the UK for verification. Once this has been done they will be able to issue a new Cyprus Driving Licence. This process takes approximately 1 month.


When exchanging your UK Licence it is worth noting that if you have C1, D1 entitlements and wish to have these on your Cyprus Driving Licence then you will also need a Medical Certificate, this form is provided by the Department of Transport.

Renewing a Cyprus Driving Licence:

If you already have a Cyprus Driving Licence and it is due to expire then you can renew it at the Citizen Service Centre.  If you are renewing your Cyprus licence because you are due to turn 70 then you can start this process 59 days before your birthday.  You will need Medical and Eyesight Certificates, these forms can be collected from the Centre.  The Citizens Service Centre will take your photograph and issue you with a temporary licence. The forms will be sent away and you will receive a text when your photocard Driving Licence is ready to collect.

It is worth noting that your new Cyprus Driving Licence will only display the date that it was issued, not the date that you passed your driving test. For this reason it may be worth keeping a photocopy of your UK Driving Licence.

Find locations and contact details for the Road Transport Department on the Pals Directory on the following links:

Road Transport Department Paphos

Road Transport Department Limassol

At present UK Driving Licence holders do not need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in EU/EEA countries.

At present the UK Government website states – You do not need an IDP to drive in Cyprus for visits up to 30 days. For visits longer than 30 days you will need a 1949 IDP. If you hold a paper driving licence or a driving licence from Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, you may need a 1949 IDP for any length of visit.

Living in Cyprus

Official information for UK nationals moving to and living in Cyprus, including Brexit guidance, residency, healthcare and driving can be found on the UK government website on the below link.

Go to gov.uk – Living in Cyprus