Coronavirus: New Decree to ban visitors from people’s homes

emergency measures

It is forbidden for people to be present in homes other than the permanent residents – Teleworking for the public / wider public sector

Due to the bad epidemiological picture that has been observed in Cyprus lately, in an effort to limit the spread of the virus in the community , the presence in people’s homes is prohibited from today, December 29, 2020, at 6 pm, until January 10, 2021. in addition to those permanently residing in it .

Exceptions for the presence of non-permanent residents in homes are given for the following purposes:

1. For the purpose of custody of minors and persons with disabilities for the period / duration where the physical presence of the parents is necessary in their workplace.

2. For the purposes of assisting persons who are unable to self-serve (medication, care of persons, food supply, etc.). It is understood that these persons should take all measures of personal protection and remain only for a reasonable period of time required for the care of the individual, so as not to put him in danger.

Clarified that only on 31st December 2020, persons may be present in addition to those permanently residing in a residence provided that they only come from two families and provided that the total number of people in the house do not exceed 10 persons, including minors .

It is also reminded that the following prohibitions remain in force in open outdoor public and private spaces:

1. prohibited gatherings of more than two persons , with the exception of minor children accompanying their parents in public and private gathering places, such as parks, squares, dams, picnic areas, beaches, marinas and walkways, etc.

2. Mass and other events , gatherings, demonstrations, parades, concerts, festivals, including festivals, Christmas bazaars as well as similar events in public or private places are prohibited .

For the supervision of the observance of the Decrees, the competent Authority is the Cyprus Police and the citizens will be able to submit complaints either anonymously or anonymously by passing information on violations of Decrees, to the Unit set up by the Cyprus Police for this purpose, at 1460, 22 606 803 and 22 606 804.

At the same time, for the purposes of decongestion and reduction of the possibility of transmission of the virus in workplaces, from tomorrow, December 30, 2020, until January 10, 2021, the state and wider public sector work with the necessary security personnel in offices for emergency management and service citizens to cover emergencies. The staff that will be released will stay at home in order to work with the teleworking method . In defining security personnel, the need to restrict employees belonging to high-risk groups should be taken into account .

The private sector is also recommended, as and where possible, to provide staff with facilities for home teleworking.

The above decisions will be regulated by a Decree that will be issued within the day.


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