The Cyprus Tax Return Deadline is Approaching


The 2019 Cyprus Tax Returns are due by 30th November 2020 (extended from 30th October) online.

Here’s a checklist of 19 Things to Prepare before submitting your Cyprus Tax Return 2019 Online.

You will need:
  1. Online Tax registration to complete your return
  2. Your Tax Agent added to your tax registration if you need their online help.
  3. Your Cyprus Tax ID – TIC (Tax Identification Code)
  4. Your health exemption number, permanent resident number, defence tax exemption.
  5. Your IBAN bank number
  6. Your Cyprus social insurance number if self employed in Cyprus or receiving Cyprus pension.
  7. If your employment or self employment is in another EU or EEA country for social insurance you must add that other country detail to avoid a double health tax in Cyprus
  8. Details of income including TIC of the employer or pension payer
  9. Details of tax , social and health tax deductions by employers and pension payers
  10. Cyprus rental income needs full land ownership details from contracts and land registry
  11. For dividends interest received TIC plus tax at source details and account numbers
  12. Details of income exempt from income tax but still
    liable to health tax
  13. Details of fed unions for charity, political, professional fees.
  14. For life and medical premium the TIC policy number and amount paid details.
  15. Income earned before 28/2/19 exempt from health tax.
  16. Auto exchange of data form social and health and immigration sources may be not updated.
  17. If you have an auto calculation you disagree with you must make return, pay tax and then reclaim later
  18. Once submitted without error you will receive a code that allows you to pay any taxes due by bank or payment portal.
  19. Tax Return and Payments are due to be made by 30/11/20.
Need help?

If you need help with your 2019 Cyprus tax return then contact us at ProACT and we can advise you, calculate, prepare and / or submit your tax return and payments on your behalf. Call: 26 819 424.

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