Search goes on for bodies in Mitsero

Efforts by specialist divers and teams to locate and retrieve the remains of murder victims from the red lake in Mitsero were due to continue on Wednesday but it was not immediately clear how close or far away crews might be to pulling two more suitcases from the toxic water.

The first of three total suitcases that the murder suspect, Nicos Metaxas, 35, told police he dumped was found on Sunday. The suitcase contained the body of an adult woman in a foetal position and fully dressed. The previous three victims, found elsewhere in the area, had been naked and bound and wrapped in sheets.

After the operation was called off for the day on Tuesday, the five-member team from Scotland Yard who arrived on the island on Monday at the request of the chief of police were taken on-site to the red lake later on Tuesday afternoon for a forensic examination of the crime scene.

The team, among them UK-based Cypriot state pathologist Andreas Marnerides, were briefed for 45 minutes on Tuesday morning by members of the Cypriot investigating team and the chief of police.

The UK team consists of a pathologist, a clinical psychologist who is a special advisor with experience in such crimes, and investigator specialising in serious crimes, and two other experts.

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