Authorities on Monday said they had launched an investigation into allegations that a Russian woman was detained and mistreated when she arrived at Larnaca airport after saying she was intending to holiday in the north.

Her treatment has prompted a slap on the wrist for Cypriot authorities by the Russian foreign ministry over the violation of its nationals’ rights upon entering Cyprus.

A source within the foreign ministry told the Cyprus News Agency that the incident is being investigated with the “due seriousness”.

The woman, Irina Shirobokova, said on her social media account on October 28, that she had experienced “hell” upon her arrival at Larnaca airport, where she was “unreasonably detained at the border, imprisoned, blackmailed and mocked” after informing authorities of her intention to cross to the north.


She said that after being told she could not cross to the north, she told authorities she was quite willing to stay in the Republic and rent a place to stay.

Instead, she said, she was detained, intimidated by male officers, yelled at and threatened.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said last Friday that the embassy in Cyprus will request Cypriot authorities to provide official information on the non-admission and the detention of Russian citizens at airports.

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