Registrations of vehicles coming from the United Kingdom

The Department of Road Transport of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, announces that, due to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union, the provisions of the Regulations concerning vehicles from from third countries (non-EU members).

Specifically, the following applies:

A. Category M1 vehicle (saloon – up to 8 passenger seats not including driver)

It can be registered, provided that at the date of arrival in a legal port of the Republic it is up to five years old , calculated from the date on which the vehicle is registered in any country as new.

It is clarified that the above does not apply to an M1 vehicle that has already been transported or imported to the Republic from the United Kingdom and has not yet been registered or will be loaded at a legal port of the Republic of Cyprus by Monday 15/2/2021. These vehicles can be registered, at any time, regardless of whether they are over five years old.

To register an M1 vehicle, it must be accompanied by its original UK registration certificate. (“Registration Certificate – V5c”), to have been issued a certificate of suitability (MOT) in Cyprus and to have been issued a European Integrated Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) or Single Vehicle Type Approval (SVA) in Cyprus.

The UK registration certificate (issued until 31/12/2020), is sufficient proof that there is a WVTA for the vehicle, provided that it bears an indication of the vehicle type approval (WVTA). The indication to be sought in the V5c is located at the point “K” (“Type Approval Number”) and is of the form e.g. « E4 * 2007/46 * 0186 * 1 1». In case this indication does not exist, the vehicle to be registered, must obtain Individual Vehicle Type Approval (SVA) in Cyprus.

B. Vehicles of category M2 and M3 (Buses) and category N1, N2 and N3 (transport of goods – eg double cabins, “pick-up”, trucks)

They are registered regardless of their age, provided that –

(j) provide evidence that the gaseous and particulate emissions of the vehicle (engine) comply with the requirements in force under European law on the date on which the vehicle was first registered in any country; and

(ii) are fitted with ABS.

The UK registration certificate (V5c – issued until 31/12/2020) is again sufficient proof that the requirement of paragraph B (j) above is met, provided that the engine carried by the vehicle during its inspection is the same as that referred to in in that certificate of registration. In case the machine is different, relevant documentation is required that the new machine complies with the corresponding “EURO” (eg certificate of the manufacturer or his representative and / or sufficient information from the technical manuals of the machine, etc.).

C. Category L vehicles (mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles)

A vehicle of category L is registered regardless of its age, provided that it is accompanied by the European Certificate of Conformity (CoC) – (PS) of the vehicle that was valid at the date of its first registration. A copy of the PC issued by the manufacturer or his representative is also accepted.

The UK registration certificate is also accepted. (issued until 31/12/2020), which is a sufficient document that, for the vehicle there is a WVTA and therefore a PS has been issued, provided that the UK registration certificate bears the indication of the vehicle type approval (WVTA).

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