Paphos Classic Vehicle Club: Classic of the Month – September

Paphos Classic Vehicle Club: Classic of the Month – September

Our Classic for September is “ERIC” the Esprit SE Turbo, who celebrates his 33nd birthday this month, having rolled out of the Lotus factory on 1st September 1989. The car is owned by PCVC members, Paul and Diane Chadwick, (of Rock FM Radio quiz fame), who imported it to Cyprus 3 years ago.

Why do they own and drive such an iconic British sports car? Paul explains “ It all started back in 1977 with the release of the James Bond film “The Spy who Loved Me” starring Roger Moore. You may remember that Mr. Bonds Esprit converted into a submarine and that, as he drove it out of the sea he wound the window down, and threw out a fish…….. BRILLIANT !!! I said, one day I’m going to have one of them, (the Lotus Esprit not the fish).

Many years later, as a sales representative. I used to visit Harrogate in North Yorkshire, and always called in to the local Lotus dealers to drool over the Esprits….. WELL ONE CAN DREAM. However, 35 years later the dream came true and a Lotus Esprit became a member of the family which was christened ERIC by my stepdaughter”.

The Esprit was styled by Peter Stevens who later designed the McLaren F1 car. It features the improved 2.2 litre engine, known as a type 910S, with the new Lotus/Delco multipoint fuel injection with a air-water intercooler. This turbo charged engine produces 284 bhp, takes 4.7 seconds to reach 60, and has a top speed of 165 mph.

If you have an interest in Classic Vehicles or just want to meet Eric, come to one of the PCVC meetings. Details are available on our Facebook page or our Website ( or telephone 97760997.

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