May launch for Cyprus-Greece ferry link ‘realistic’

May launch for Cyprus-Greece ferry link ‘realistic’

Five arrested for fake Covid-19 certificates

Five women who tried to cross over to the north with fake coronavirus test results were arrested and remanded for eight days, police confirmed...

Maximum number of persons at cultural and political events

Information on the maximum number of persons at cultural and political events in outdoor spaces

UK Nationals – the UK has left the EU building!

The Cyprus Residency Planning Group's (CRPG) remit is to help UK Nationals who may find it hard to complete all the paperwork, particularly pensioners and disabled; those living in remote areas or with mobility difficulties and those needing assistance with language translation or interpretation and who, for whatever reason, cannot respond and help themselves.

Friends’ Hospice & Paphos Municpality Make Plea To Government

Paphos Municipality and The Friends’ Hospice are urging the Ministry of Health to expedite the planning processes to allow a new venue to be used for the Hospice’s palliative care work.

Yellow Extreme High Temperature Warning for Friday 11th September 2020.

Yellow Extreme High Temperature Warning for Friday 11th September 2020.

Coronavirus: Family gain entry without mandatory airport testing

Airport operator Hermes said on Wednesday it was investigating after Cyprus residents say they gained entry to Cyprus without undergoing mandatory airport testing for...

Traffic cameras in 2021 part of measures to halve road deaths

Traffic cameras by early next year, increased narco-tests and harsher penalties for driving offences are just some of the measures being introduced with the...

What's The Buzz

January 2020 – What’s the Buzz

'Tis the season to catch a cold. As a race we have conquered so many serious diseases, it's astonishing how much we can be debilitated, albeit temporarily, by such tiny beings.

February 2020 – What’s The Buzz

One of winter's joys is a deep, hot bath. Unfortunately our bath taps have become veeeeeeery slow, so that not only must one lay aside an hour and a half to heat the ancient tank, the bath then takes another hour to fill.

March 2020 – What’s The Buzz

In January I went back to the UK for a family gathering to mark ten years since my father's passing. It seemed a good opportunity to introduce my partner Paul to everyone...

April 2020 – What’s the Buzz

Banking has become an unlikely source of entertainment – under the You've Gotta Laugh rule.