Pafos United Walking Football February Update

Once again we are hanging around kicking our heels instead of a football as we wait patiently for the Government to release restrictions and allow us to continue playing the game we all love. A number of our players have slowly returned from the UK with others still trying to catch flights back.

There is good news however in that we have been informed that our new kit is now ready for export from the UK. We are in the hands of distribution companies as to when we might expect to receive it. There will be a number of logos on the kit from both old and new sponsors.

From 1 January a number of new laws have been introduced by the Walking Football Association and these are now on our website. We have made some amendments to our playing conditions and our Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening sessions will include more training and coaching than there has been in the past. It will be followed by a friendly practice match. The Friday session will concentrate on practice matches.

A new initiative will be once a month to play age group matches which will prepare teams for when we play matches against other clubs. This is in addition to our popular mini league matches. The age group matches will have a handicap system still being worked on. It will mean that our over 70s will be given some advantage maybe in terms of goals when they play the over 50s!

We offer belated congratulations to one of our players/referee, Dave Hatton who took advantage of the enforced break to get married.

Despite the lockdown we are still getting contact from prospective players. More information is available on our website or contact Malcolm on 96645449

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