John Delaney Photo exhibition: “Themes within a Theme of Paphos”

John got his first camera aged 14. It was a Russian clockwork contraption, but it took good pictures, and helped to nurture a life-long interest in photography. Travel photography is his favourite and he has captured images as culturally diverse as the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canal in Venice, and the bustling floating market in Bangkok.

The dawn of digital photography opened up to him previously unheard of options in post-production, and he taught himself how to use computer programs to get the very best from his images. But something was still missing; those images were just packets of electronic data only accessible via a computer screen. He needed to bring them more tangibly to life, and so he began to have his photos printed. Now there was the potential to show his images to a wider world. An exhibition? Why not?

J&J Artworks in Tala Square is the venue, from 13th September and running for 2 weeks. The theme of his exhibition is actually “Themes within a Theme of Paphos”.  It struck him that as Paphos has so many strings to its bow – architecturally, culturally and aesthetically – why not include as many of them as possible? And so the exhibition will feature popular local landmarks, exhibits from the Paphos classic car show, simple, tranquil harbour reflections, scenes from shows at Tala amphitheatre and, intriguingly, the Beauty of Decay. He hopes that this comprehensive spectrum of subjects will help viewers appreciate the variety of visual pleasures that Paphos has to offer.

The official opening is on Friday 13 September from 7-9 pm.

For more information 99202813 or email

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