I Think My Dog Has ADHD…What Can I Do? by Tim Fox

This can be difficult to handle because many dogs are very active to begin with.

High energy is not necessarily a bad thing so long as it is not bottled up, which means that it is very important that your dog has plenty of opportunities for exercise and not just a slow walk around the block!

All dogs both young and old love to play and there are few things better than having a tug of war with an old pair of tights or chasing a thrown stick or ball and fetching it back to you for another go.

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and it is useful to remember that all dogs will be very active at some point in the day in terms of running around, barking or chewing expensive new furniture…the difference with the HYPERACTIVE dog is that they just do not stop!

Here are some things you can do:

some vets will recommend medicines that you can give your dog to calm them down and while this might seem like a good idea it can lead to a dependency on these drugs into the future. Interestingly we do not really understand how these drugs even work because they are basically a type of amphetamine that if given to normal dogs will make them become hyperactive! But when given to hyperactive dogs makes them calm.

Training and exercise will always help.

Always avoid allowing your dog too much sugar or processed foods with many additives or E numbers and preservatives.

You can try talking to your dog about their behaviour but this can be uphill work since many hyperactive dogs are in no mood to listen and obviously cannot understand much of what you say.

Spa music is a favourite with some dogs I once knew a dachshund that was very fond of jazz but there is no guarantees that music will work

Massage or Spa therapies can be tried and you can always treat yourself if it doesn’t work on the dog.

Find a good “Dog Whisperer” and leave your dog with them for the day.

Whatever happens try to remain supportive and positive as an owner and show your dog that you love them and accept them for who they are.

Be patient and never give up……..every dog has it’s day

Good luck

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