Honey Children’s Festival – 15th of September Melini

Many different people, one purpose, a lot of knowledge and fun, make the Honey Children’s Festival, an educational platform for children and grownups for the world of nature and specifically the bees.

Honey Childrens FestivalPlanting of bee plants, dances with children, tales for the Bees, performances with a Beekeeper Magician, music and Bee hotels for solidarity bees, plenty of Honey from beekeepers of the area, gastronomy with Honey, are the basis through which the children will learn about the lives of bees, and the way in which bees are linked to the food chain and are the basis of all ecosystems.


Honey Childrens FestivalHoney is nature’s sweetest gift to mankind. There is something magnificently magnetic about this sweet liquid form of gold that has attracted the attention of many since time immemorial. As a super food, it does not only taste wonderful but also packs a punch when it comes to providing multitude health benefits to people across ages especially children.


Its seductive colour and flavour aside, Honey forms the base of most of the Ayurvedic medicines and is widely used in home remedies to treat diseases and illnesses like cough & cold, flu, eczema, and wounds. Rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients and antiseptics and antibacterial properties; Honey is one power food you can safely rely on when everything else fails.


While the benefits of honey are many, administering honey to kids in times of emergencies or illnesses like cold and cough can provide them with quick relief. It is advisable to use it for children above 1-year-old and it’s better to be diluted in liquid.


What are the health benefits of honey for kids?


-To get relief from cough & cold

-For promotion of healthy digestive system

-Helps heal wounds faster

-Boosts energy

-Natural supplier of multivitamins

-Strengthens immune system


A celebration for the Children and the Bees, the future of our planet.

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