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Dave Asher

As you may know, we are constantly “bombarded” with ‘International Days’ for things as diverse as hairdryers, toasters and bicycle clips. However, one that recently caught my imagination was ‘International Rice Pudding Day’! Why is it I haven’t enjoyed a steaming bowl of rice pudding in decades or for that matter any of those fabulous milk puddings that I was “force-fed” as a child?

Presumably milk pudding manufacturers are aware that we have forgotten about these glorious gastronomic delights served from rusty tins. You may remember creamy semolina and gloomy tapioca which always looked highly suspicious, even from a non-rusty tin. Quite how people of my generation actually made it through the 1970’s is a complete mystery. Perhaps my mother’s ability to burn water gives me a bird’s eye (no pun intended) view of ’70’s cuisine.

If you are too young to remember any of these delights, your stomach should be very grateful!

Who remembers ‘breakfast slices’? A curious mélange of meat of unknown origin fashioned in the style of a rasher of bacon containing (I suspect) the meaty off-cuts swept up from a butcher’s floor.

In 2022, we are always encouraged to enjoy fresh fruit and not just at Christmas. Previously, in the 1970’s the natural habitat of most fruits was in a tin filled with syrup. In fact, for those of you of a continental persuasion, you may have been tempted by a whole menu of Italian cuisine – tinned of course, succulent and juicy in a delicious sauce. Who could resist the ravioli, cannelloni and macaroni cheese as doubtless enjoyed by Caesar himself…!

For those with a slightly less- discerning palate, there were such delights as baked beans and sausages and meatballs in a tin.

We weren’t necessarily without taste or culinary dexterity; we were obviously just in a hurry to squeeze in a meal between power-cuts. Sometimes, we did exhibit a touch of flair whilst whisking the milk together with the packeted contents of ‘Angel Delight’. Again, a milky, fluffy dessert which came in a variety of flavors that always tasted like cardboard.

If you remember the 1970’s, I ‘m quite by now you must be starving…I know I am…
Bon Appétit!

Dave Asher, Viva FM

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