Coronavirus: Health minister calls on people not to get complacent

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou on Sunday called on the public not to get complacent as he expressed his concern for the increasing number of Covid cases seen in the last few days.

In a Tweet, the minister also urged young people to act as a shield for the older and more vulnerable members of society.

In an article written for Reporter he said the increase in cases internationally recently confirms the worries of scientists for a surge in cases as the weather gets colder.

Although the picture in Cyprus is satisfactory, “unfortunately, the only sure thing this invisible enemy has taught us is that it does not allow complacency,” he said.”On the contrary, as we know very well, it takes advantage of relaxation and spreads at lightning speed where protection measures are insufficient and the observance of the health protocols is deficient.”

The drastic measures imposed during the first wave of the pandemic have been lifted and the restrictive measures that remain are aimed at maintaining the very good epidemiological picture we have achieved together after painful deprivations, he added.

The return of children to school and thousands to the workplace in addition to changing temperatures meaning more time spent inside will create conditions for the spread of the virus, he said. “Therefore, the greatest possible care is required to deal with the unknown situation in the future.“I want to assure you that the health system is ready, health professionals are on standby and we have an updated management plan for any new wave,” the minister added.

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