Coronavirus: Experts, ministry mull new measures ahead of Christmas (updated)

Restrictions on the size of social gatherings over the holidays are reportedly among new measures expected to be discussed later on Monday by the health ministry and the scientific advisory committee in a move to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

With coronavirus hospitalisations rising sharply and a continuing upward trend of the daily cases, experts are expected to submit new proposals ahead of the Christmas holidays, the Cyprus News Agency reported.

These include restricting the maximum number of people at social gatherings including at houses, as well as mandatory coronavirus testing for entry into certain spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

Any new measures are expected to be announced on Tuesday following a cabinet meeting.

Meanwhile, self-tests will be distributed to pharmacies across the government-controlled areas on Monday and will be available to the public the following day. Vaccinated people are eligible for the free self-tests.

Those who have completed their vaccination programme in Cyprus and are not beneficiaries of Gesy, will be able to receive the self-tests from various points in each district to be announced in the coming days, the ministry had said.

Last Monday, the health ministry announced additional restrictions following the appearance of Omicron variant in the country.

So far, some 33 confirmed Omicron cases have been detected in the government-controlled areas.

On Sunday, there were 175 patients with Covid-19 in hospital, 60 of whom in serious condition, including 22 who were intubated.

The majority, 79.3 per cent, of hospitalised patients were unvaccinated, the health ministry had said.

In a bid to increase the national vaccination coverage, entry to key sectors of the economy including restaurants, cafes, pubs as well as weddings and baptisms among others, is only allowed to those with at least one vaccination dose as of last Wednesday.

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