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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Pafos United Walking Football

Pafos United Walking Football

Recently a walking football group has started in Paphos believed to be the first group in the Paphos area and is known as the Pafos United Walking Football. Read more about it here.

Cyprus vs Malta – Rugby Match

The mighty Mouflons are playing Malta on Saturday 23rd March at 3pm.
Cyprus Rugby

Cyprus Rugby News

The Mouflons play their first home game of the season against Israel in Stelios Kyriakides Stadium (old Paphiakos stadium), Paphos on Saturday 10th November

Support Your Local Team – EN.A.D. Football Club – October

Well, at last the season starts. We appear to have assembled a good young (and very cosmopolitan) squad. Find out more here.
bowls club

Champion from Coral Bay Bowls Club off to play in Australia

Hazel Bagshaw, a member of Coral Bay Bowls Club, won the final of the Bowls Cyprus National Ladies four bowl competition in 2017. Bowlers who win this competition have the honour of representing Cyprus in the World Bowls “Champion of Champions”

Well Done The Swallows From Coral Bay Bowling Club – Tens League Winners!!

Coral Bay Bowling Club’s Swallows Team bowled the others over and are delighted that they came out on top of this year’s Tens League.
Big Oz

Thank You Big Oz – Limassol Will Miss You…

Andy Lott was a big man, you only had to see him to know that, but his bigness went deeper than that. He had a big heart, a big personality and a big charisma. A tribute to Big Oz.
Lee Carter

The Barcelona to Athens Cyclepaths with Lee Carter

On 25th May 2017 Lee Carter, Michael John Cope and Jim McGowan will attempt to cycle the 2400 km journey from Barcelona to Athens within 28 days.
Limassol Mini Rugby

Tag Rugby Limassol Crusaders Mini Rugby Team

Tag Rugby with the Limassol Crusaders Mini Rugby Team. Limassol Crusaders Mini rugby section plays each Sunday morning between 10am and 11:45am.

Women’s Cricket in Cyprus

Women’s Cricket in Cyprus.At present there is a league of three active ladies cricket teams on Cyprus. There is a team in Limassol, one in Nicosia and one in the North of Cyprus/Kyre.