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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Legislation on the Settlement of Tax Debts in Installments

With a notification issued by the Commissioner of Taxation, the legislation on the settlement of tax debts in installments, came into effect July 3rd 2017.

Making your money work harder: Thinking outside of the box.

If you are retired and living off your pension plus the income from your capital, you will know how difficult it has been for the last 10 years to get a decent income from your capital. Article by Roger Hardaker of Felicitas.

Golden Opportunities are here again by Roger Hardaker, Felicitas

Insightful article by Roger Hardaker of Felicitas relating to protecting your portfolio value and growing your portfolio.


The new legislation which amends the outdated laws on the transfer of property and mortgaging law of 1965.
EU Succession

Inheritance in the EU – Cross-border successions made simpler

Until recently, the existence of different national rules made inheritances involving more than one EU country complex and costly. New EU legislation makes cross-border inheritance simpler.
Swiss franc motgages

Swiss Franc Mortgages – G KOUZALIS LLC

Recently in courts all across Europe there have been several high profile lawsuits challenging the legality of the loans which many customers undertook.

Fees charged by lawyers in Cyprus constitute Price Fixing

Counsel in London specialising in European competition law has advised that the Minimum Fee Regulations are in clear breach of price fixing and cartel provisions