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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Jimmy Angels is Live at Talalaland

Jimmy Angels is Live at Talalaland on 14th and 21st December

Jimmy Angels is Live at Talalaland on 14th and 21st December playing jazz standards, soul, funk, pure rock'n'roll, blues, disco and the latest hits.
What's the Buzz - Polis Follies

What’s the Buzz – Polis Follies

The Kings Players recent production - Polis Follies, was a great success. Read about it her in Jezebel's November What's the Buzz
Taste of Britain at Christmas

A Taste of Britain at Christmas

Taste of Britain are already working hard to source everything you need to enjoy the traditional British Christmas in Cyprus. Find out more here...
Elizabeth Dooley

World Diabetes Day Wednesday 14th November 2018

In support of World Diabetes Day, Elizabeth Dooley, Podiatrist/Chiropodist is offering free foot examinations on WEDNESDAY 14th NOVEMBER 2018 from 6-8pm
Cyprus Rugby

Cyprus Rugby News

The Mouflons play their first home game of the season against Israel in Stelios Kyriakides Stadium (old Paphiakos stadium), Paphos on Saturday 10th November
Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes

In Britain the tradition of Bonfire Night continues, complete with a Bonfire, barbecue and of course fireworks. But who was Guy Fawkes?
Latchi Harbour Market

Latchi Harbour Market

Daring to be different, on the second Sunday of every month, we would like to welcome you to bustling, busy Latchi Harbour Market.
Crafty Ladies

The Crafty Ladies Craft Fair

The Crafty Ladies have so far managed to raise many thousands of euros for mostly Limassol based organisations, and this year their efforts will go to support the Wellspring Association from Limassol.
Apple Festival - Kyperounda

Apple Festival – Kyperounda

Through the foothills of the mountain ranges of Madari and Papoutsa emerges the picturesque village of Kyperounda, which every year hosts the Apple Festival

Support Your Local Team – EN.A.D. Football Club – October

Well, at last the season starts. We appear to have assembled a good young (and very cosmopolitan) squad. Find out more here.